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zion 3 patriarchs which I renamed lori, meg and andrea

If I Take This, Will I Set Myself on Fire

“Androgel 1.62% is flammable until dry. Let Androgel 1.62% dry before smoking or going near an open flame.”   From Important Facts from the Androgel 1.62% Medication Guide. It can be easy to have automatic deference to authority that some drug advertising creates—if you have this symptom, you have an illness and you need this treatment. […]

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zion 4

Race Matters

A recent Institute of Medicine report on health disparities, came to the conclusion that when you control for factors like education, income, and social status—nonwhites still received worse care than whites in the American health care system. Race really matters when you try and get health care in the United States. Whites looked at this […]

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zion from visitor center

How We Look At It

Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm tells a wonderful story in his book “The Brave New World of Healthcare.” As Governor, he had proposed to expand the immunization program for Medicaid children at a cost of $500,000. In the 1985 where there was not as much support for universal immunization this was a radical idea. He […]

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Rio Stairs

Its a Matter of Life or(and) Death

Or is it a matter of life and death. Life and death, life or death. Does healthcare deal with life and death rather than with life or death? Or what difference does it make? It matters because you are treated differently if life and death are polar opposites or something that is occurring at the […]

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Telling It Like It Is…

There is a theological distinction made in healthcare between an illness and a disease. A disease is the physical abnormalities that causes your symptoms. An illness is the experience of living with the disease.   The disease can be quantified and observed— high blood pressure is defined by numbers, a cancer cell is seen under the […]

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night nurse

The Night Nurse

The following blog comes from my post at Advance for Nurses Point of View. Check them out. On a cold night before exploratory cancer surgery a woman cries….alone with her fears. A night nurse going by, hears the brief tearful sniff of fear and goes into the room. It is as if the night nurse […]

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