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A Little Number-A Lot of Cost

Numbers mean a lot in health care. They form the difference between good and bad. For example, Blood pressure above 140 / 90 bad, blood pressure 120/80 good. High denisity cholesterol 250 bad, low density cholesterol 100 good But numbers also determine treatments, spending and can even shape a patient’s life style. Here is an […]

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Hot and Cold

There are cold decision making tools and there are hot decision making tools. Cold decisions are calculated and weighed against options. I call them cold because they are slow deliberate decisions not made solely on the basis of emotions. They are made primarily on facts, cold hard facts. Hot decisions are made in the heat […]

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zion 3 patriarchs which I renamed lori, meg and andrea

If I Take This, Will I Set Myself on Fire

“Androgel 1.62% is flammable until dry. Let Androgel 1.62% dry before smoking or going near an open flame.”   From Important Facts from the Androgel 1.62% Medication Guide. It can be easy to have automatic deference to authority that some drug advertising creates—if you have this symptom, you have an illness and you need this treatment. […]

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Race Matters

A recent Institute of Medicine report on health disparities, came to the conclusion that when you control for factors like education, income, and social status—nonwhites still received worse care than whites in the American health care system. Race really matters when you try and get health care in the United States. Whites looked at this […]

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The Night Nurse

The following blog comes from my post at Advance for Nurses Point of View. Check them out. On a cold night before exploratory cancer surgery a woman cries….alone with her fears. A night nurse going by, hears the brief tearful sniff of fear and goes into the room. It is as if the night nurse […]

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