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If I Take This, Will I Set Myself on Fire

“Androgel 1.62% is flammable until dry. Let Androgel 1.62% dry before smoking or going near an open flame.”   From Important Facts from the Androgel 1.62% Medication Guide.

It can be easy to have automatic deference to authority that some drug advertising creates—if you have this symptom, you have an illness and you need this treatment. There was an old drug ad for testosterone gel, called Androgel, that was a good example.

The marketing of this drug company is rather ingenious. Step 1: Produce a commercial that creates a connection between decreased sex drive and Low T. At end of commercial refer people to website. Step 2: Website explains problem and introduces available treatments. Create several links to more information about one drug Androgel 1.62%.   Step 3: Encourage people to order this drug.

The drug company knows that if enough people see the ad then a certain percentage of them will believe they have an illness and ask for a drug.

The makers of Androgel, the sponsors of the campaign, say the drug will raise the level of testosterone. The indirect claim from all the advertising is that raising your testosterone level will fix your sex drive, your energy level and you moodiness. The drug makers, I believe, hope you will accept this connection without question.   DON”T DO THIS. Ask some questions, such as:

  • What is the evidence that Androgel will work on mood sex drive and energy? (It turns out the evidence is inconsistent.)
  • What is the cost of this treatment?
  • What are the side effects?
  • And some other fun questions that are answered based on the website information”
  • If I use this med will I set my self on fire? (as the quote above shows, if you smoke or go near an open flame when Androgel is wet, you may)
  • Will I turn my child into a man? (yes when you put the medication on the skin, you must make the child develop secondary sex male characteristics.)

There is one rule of heath care that is universal—cheap drugs are not advertised. So when you see the lowt commercial take time and don’t set yourself on fire.

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